Puppy development

The socialization period lasts from 3 to 16 weeks and consists of 4 periods (as described below).

The fear of the unknown phase comes after 12 weeks. That is why it is important to introduce the puppy as much as possible to everything that is important in a dog’s life. In this way, the puppy develops into a social, non-anxious dog with enough self-confidence for the rest of its life.

🐾First period of birth to 3 weeks.

The puppies are born and are completely dependent on their mother. They have the basic need for food and heat.

🐾Second period from 3rd week to 7th week.

The ears and eyes open during this period, but the puppies do not hear or see very well in the beginning. During these weeks, the mother and siblings are vital in discovering the new world. Socialization begins. All sounds are recorded. The puppies are very open. Everything that happens before the 16 weeks of dog life will shape their entire life and they will never forget. Puppies are virtually fearless and so ready to explore the world. They want to climb, crawl, explore and taste everything.

🐾Third period from 7th week to 12th week

This Period is perfect for the puppies to go to their new home from the 8th week. New owner has to make a lot of time for the puppy and work on the bond with the puppy.
In this period it is important to start training, everything very positive and in game form and very short periods.

Social dominance is formed. In this the dog learns to live with others. If the puppy is with siblings until the 16th week, the dog will have a disturbed socialization. Dogs can suffer from anxiety throughout their lives. Their full potential is not being developed. If the puppies are still together, it is very important to take each puppy separately and to spend time without a mother and without siblings.

🐾Fourth period from 12th to 16th week.

Mental and social development was formed during this period. During this period you can also take the training a bit more seriously. Without external stimuli, in a quiet environment.

This is the age of independence, this is when a puppy begins to test dominance and leadership. Critical learning is now taking place. Puppies that are allowed to bite, dominate children, or resist activities such as leash training, clipping nails, and removing food items are less likely to develop into good dogs. Puppy classes are essential, and being handled and trained by different people can help them build confidence. The 12th week is also when the anxious phase starts for dogs. Dogs with insufficient pre-socialization will be scared. It is important to be there for the dog, to make everything fun.

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